"Helping people who help people"

A long vacation

I’ve taken a few days off of email/work and it feels fantastic!  I’ve also entered my four weeks of full time mom mode (with a high energy 4 and 2 year old) which makes my brain less functional.  I am constantly “talking” to you, my reader, in my head.  It’s just a challenge to get it on the blog when I’ve been busy with the kids!  Never fear, I will get more down soon.

Some people use the words “supermom”, or “mompreneur.”  I like to think I’m just a person trying to improve the world in my own quirky way and raise my kids in the process.  The balance is never achievable so the hope is to slide through the highs and lows keeping my sense of humor and understanding of the people in my life (who are, fortunately, all therapists or family educator folks who are supportive of mental health and work!)

Here’s a quick tip; without spending too much time, write down all the questions you get on emails, calls, and in first sessions.  Now go to your website.  Are those questions on your website?


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