"Helping people who help people"

We’re in this together!

This testimonial is from Michelle Gannon, who has a lot of wisdom herself as a very successful premarital workshop leader in the Bay Area.  For 10 years she and her husband have been running monthly weekend retreats for engaged couples and newlyweds.  This is an amazing feat because engaged couples tend to NOT do premarital counseling.  They’ve proven there is a need for secular, research-based premarital information shared by psychologists who are married and very open about their own relationship.

Here is what she says!  She has a new blog at Dr. Michelle Gannon which links to all her other ventures.  I love her “brand” as a more self-disclosing therapist on her blog.

We met Elizabeth Doherty Thomas at a Smart Marriages Conference where she was presenting with her father, Bill Doherty. We had already joined her directories at Marriage Friendly Therapists and The First Dance as psychologists & marriage educators. We were thrilled to meet her. Since then, Elizabeth and I have become good friends and colleagues on Twitter and Facebook. Elizabeth is one of my “go to” people whenever I have questions about marketing our Marriage Prep 101 Workshops, my Dr Michelle Gannon blog, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media like Facebook and You Tube or anything else techie. Elizabeth is passionate about the therapy profession, and knows first hand- through her husband- the challenges of marketing as therapists. Elizabeth is patient, direct, communicative, intelligent and funny. I have found her advice, CDs and blog all extremely helpful. I give her the highest recommendation!


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