"Helping people who help people"

I’m getting some awesome emails from therapists because of my Networker Article about Web Marketing on a Shoestring.  It makes me so happy because I feel like I’ve got this odd little “mental health website ministry” going, and was able to share a very fun story – the latest in a long drama of 4 years of knowing nothing to knowing quite a bit.  My husband hadn’t seen the latest version but he was mighty impressed how his wifes voice was fully there, but it was “uber magazine quality.”

My strength: always thinking, buzzing with ideas, holistic in my strategies and opinions, feet also firmly on the ground.

My Weakness: so consciensous I only want to offer “the best”…the best advice, resources, or a “guarentee” of something I say that will happen (marketing is always an experiment.) 

I’m getting really cool, unique questions and issues people are having so bear with me as I come up with ways to handle the interesting stuff!  I’m a one woman show and my husband is being called back to his “day job” next week, leaving me full time with two small kids.


Comments on: "My Psychotherapy Networker Article!" (2)

  1. We met Elizabeth Doherty Thomas at a Smart Marriages Conference where she was presenting with her Dad, Bill Doherty. We had already joined her directories at Marriage Friendly Therapists and The First Dance as psychologists & marriage educators. We were thrilled to meet her. Since then, Elizabeth and I have become good friends and colleagues on Twitter and Facebook. Elizabeth is one of my “go to” people whenever I have questions about marketing our Marriage Prep 101 Workshops, my Dr Michelle Gannon blog, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media like Facebook and You Tube or anything else techie. Elizabeth is passionate about the therapy profession, and knows first hand- through her husband- the challenges of marketing as therapists. Elizabeth is patient, direct, communicative, intelligent and funny. I have found her advice, CDs and blog all extremely helpful. I give her the highest recommendation!

  2. Elizabeth, I am a little behind, it is February and I just read you story Web Marketing on a Shoestring and found it to be be informative. Subsequently, it led me to your website and blogs which I am thoroughly enjoying. I do have a website but I am one of the many therapists who is using Therapysites and was shocked about the the template/verbage overuse rendering me somewhat invisible by search engines. I have a lot to think about with this new information and what my next step will be. I would like to talk with you further about options that are open to improving my current site or starting all over (overhwheming) I look forward to hearing from you. Warm regards, Jan

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