"Helping people who help people"

Tone on a video

I got this video camera months ago.  I am the queen of excuses on why it’s taken this long to use it!

When doing a video, what tone do you have?  How energetic are you?  What is the goal of the video?  Will people see it because they’re already on your site, or are you trying to show up in You Tube searches?  If the later, how much do you “sell” yourself in the video or tell people who you are and what you’re about? I’m intrigued with the technology though leary that the average therapist would hugely benefit.

I have a few topics I want to present on video, but it’s a question of how and why it’s better on video than on paper.  Does video get shared more? Does it result in higher “conversions”, which is to say more of the action you want (sign ups, clients, etc) or is it a distraction because few people have high end cameras and studios to make professional videos?  I’ve seen the gamut on You Tube and am not sure whether it helps, hurts, or doesn’t matter unless you’ve got a real opinionated person.  (My sound guy was really opinionated in the sound studio, which makes the cd/mp3’s better than if I had done them on my own…)


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