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Google Adwords Update

If you’ve been following the journey, I got a $100 Vistaprint free coupon for Google Adwords.  I used this money to set up my husbands therapy website with ads.  I had fun.  I’ve learned a lot.  But I paused it at $88.  I have a lot more questions than answers, and will be rereading my Pay Per Click book this weekend!

One of the most interesting elements of Google Adwords is you can try to set the “location.”  Everyone on the web has something called an “IP address.”  This is like if you had a GPS tracking system, you always exist on some latitude and longitude, no matter where you are.  Google lets you hone in on a certain area for your ads.

The problem (as far as I’ve managed to discover) is I may LIVE in one city, but am searching for therapy (or classes) in ANOTHER area of the metro.  My husband does couples work, so there are really two people’s schedules and locations to figure out.  This has meant that while I thought I was capturing just a very small radius, I was getting words for areas across town.  UGH!  It means local folks work over there and know the only way they’re getting help is if they leave work for an hour.

A Google person who sets up ads says he has 500 “negative words” he uses.  These would be words or phrases that you never want your ad to appear for.  I can now see why there are so many!!!  Locations alone would take up a ton, then add in all the potential phrases you don’t want.  For example, my husband paid for ads for people seeking classes (he doesn’t offer them), Catholic counseling (not Catholic), retreats (doesn’t offer them), womens help (he’d help women but someone seeking women help is not his ideal candidate), another query about marriage statistics (this person is wanting to do research, so paying $2 for that ad was a waste.)

I’ll end there.  I’m both frustrated, intrigued, and trying to figure out next steps.  We have to pay $5/day for 3 clicks because they’re quite expensive.  Assuming the ratio of 100 clicks may result in 1 client, you can do the math…. obviously the goal is to improve stats, hone in narrowly showing ads to an ideal client base, and then as new clients come in you’ve more than paid for the entire months ads.

For those reading, I’m curious how therapists confirm whether clients came via their Google Ad?  My husband gets good website traffic directly so he  doesn’t want to push clients at the intake how they found him.   I’m tempted to have the ad go to separate pages with a different email address to at least potentially confirm where clients found him.

Or, we’ll drop this marketing method!  For marital harmony I can’t push him on all the things he should be doing on his site to increase his own “free” website traffic.  🙂

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