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The single biggest scam

I was on Twitter and found a marketing firm that specializing in weddings.  This is perfect if you’re in the industry!  (Self-serving note: just like I’m a web marketer with proven success in the therapy/educator world.)

Here’s the problem though… they listed a few of their websites they’ve worked on, and their number one proof of success was making the business RANK WELL on Google for its OWN business name!  Here are the problems with that.

1 – When your website is your business name, as these examples were, there is NO reason why you should not show up top for a Google search with your name.  (Excluding if there are 9,000 “wellness therapy” type websites….)  All therapists listed on Marriage Friendly Therapists also rank high for their profile on our site.  It is NOT HARD folks.  If I can do it within MY therapy website, for hundreds of therapists, you can do it on your own.

2 – This firm should know better than to attempt to sell themselves on an angle of search engine work that really is not the purpose of search engine work. 

Search engine work is not about ranking high for your name or business (those people already know you exist and are just trying to relocate you…) the point of search engine work is FINDING BRAND NEW PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KNOW YOU EXIST!  You want to show up on the billboard super highway to those zipping by.  The people who already know you will eventually find you, or find your business card.

I used to have 14 people a day for The First Dance premarital counseling website.  I now average 400 people a day.  Sometimes more, sometimes less.  The daily average goes up the more thought and work I put into the site!

The question then is how to get from here to there?  This is where I was untrusting of the search engine firms, who I had, and still see, not doing a great job with colleagues.  Not only that, they don’t know your industry, and they don’t TEACH YOU a darn thing.  This leaves you completely in the dark.  It drives me nuts and instead of whining, I invested a ton of time into explaining to non-technical therapists/educators, what you can and should do for your website traffic.  The entire batch of trainings is almost everything about a website I think you should know but likely weren’t told, or only told bits, without a bigger context.  It is broken up by logical categories.  This blog is about my content building CD/MP3.  This will give you the insider track on how to think about your own website, how to do some research, and what exactly you should say.  And the sad reality is even if you have a webmaster, they do not know this stuff.  A webmaster is either a designer (think artist), or a crunchy programmer (think loves code more than marketing.)  It’s a difficult place to get help because most of this knowledge is from highly paid firms and in our industry, we don’t have that kind of money.  (A local firm has on their contact form that projects START at $18,000.)

My entire store is now on Mp3  – check it out!  Elizabeth Website Training CD or MP3’s.  I am offering a 100% money back guarentee.  I know how disappointing it is to buy “fluff.”  (A word used to testify to my trainings…as in what they AREN’T.)   Someone recently misplaced one of the CD’s (she bought the bundle) and was desperate for a new copy she loved it so much.  It was the “least sexy” one, on website organization, so that bodes well! 🙂  I have always had little patience for stuff that was inspirational but completely unusuable.  Or a lot of talking about stories that didn’t really give much of a point…or perhaps just shared a cliche.  I am also not a fan of someone spending most of their time on how great they are.  Or not able to admit mistakes. These are all my personality, and these are all things the sound recording people said about my trainings and why they loved them.  My undying passion is to connect educators and therapists with the people seeking their services online.  It gives me tremendous joy to do this with my own websites, and it gives me great joy to see others do the same.  My expertise is buried and fewer people get help if I don’t help spread the word.

Find out for yourself!  Elizabeth’s website trainings.


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