"Helping people who help people"

I’m excited to share my latest brainstorm.  It comes out of the marketing I do to find therapists.  It’s a painful process to see so many bad websites.  Websites talk to me, they make me cringe, they make me go “ooh!’, they do all sorts of things and I never get some guilty joy out of bad websites.  In fact I often wish I could email people “hey this link is broken” or “did you know it takes so long to load your site, nobody is ever going to wait” or “seriously, that moving image HAS TO GO.”

I know my one hour web review is more intense than some people might find necessary for a “simple” website.  I know others are not wanting to throw away hard earned money before they feel they know and can trust me.

Simply put: for $9.99 I’ll give you my “quick impressions” of your website!  On the sign up form you can even ask me a specific question like “is it too cluttery?” or “is it visually on par with others, too busy, too blank?”  Out of my head will come 1-2 paragraphs of WHATEVER pops into my head that I think you should know…or questions I’d ask if I were doing a more intense web review.

Check it out: Quick Impressions Of Your Website.


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