"Helping people who help people"

New E-book!

I just wrote my first e-book!  It gets to a theme I see over and over, where people (therapists and educators)  are lost on what to do with their website, how to even begin thinking about their options.  Either they have the TIME but no money (or are too frugal), or they have MONEY but no time.  I’ve always wanted to offer some way to “sit down and chat with people” on this issue, sharing my advice.  So, here we have it – support my educational mission to help therapists and educators be more empowered online, while actually learning some extremely useful stuff so YOU can help others.  Call it “helping people who help people,” that’s my goal. 

This e-book, “Time or Money,” is just $4.99.  If I were to be on the phone with you it would be a lot more.  It’s sort of “meta advice” with a trusted friend when you’re confused, frustrated, don’t know where to turn, or have been burned by some over-promises.  It’s my sitting down with both groups – those without a good budget, what you can do.  And those with money but no time…. I’ve got really concrete advice for you!

I have a 100% money back guarentee.  No questions if you aren’t happy.  I’m purposefully making low-priced items to reach those folks weary of spending money on the “great unknown” of the internet.   My goal is to be uncommon and highly-useful.  I proudly stand by everything I do!

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