"Helping people who help people"

I paused the Google Adwords campaign for traveling, but it’s back up and running.  It is fascinating to watch all these numbers!  For example, if I log in first thing in the AM, I seem to get a click almost immediately, meaning of the words I have set up that I want to “attract”, my ad shows up and the first or second person who ever searches the term!  My price is set to a low $5/day, so by the time I get my 3 clicks for the day, I have had a lot more people searching the terms I want than clicking on my ad.  I have also narrowed the radius of who even sees my ad to a logical area around my husbands therapy office.  This means the clicks I DO get will already be more likely to turn into clients than if I had the entire metro area.

I met someone recently who has almost no clicks and tons of “impressions”, which is a fancy way of saying your ad appeared but nobody touched it.  It’s the “touching your ad” or what they call “clicks” that really matters because the click is what gets them to your WEBSITE, where hopefully they’ll want to call you!  I can see how being gunshy with your money makes Google Adwords really hard.  I can also see how having the right keywords and a very engaging ad is crucial. 

I did just discover I had to add “massage” as a negative keyword, which means if they type in any words including “massage”, my ad will never show up.  We just spent $1.88 for someone looking for couples massage in our state.  Ugh!  (Of course we joke maybe they’d still want counseling….)  If you are reading this blog, I hope you are looking CAREFULLY at your Google Adwords, hired someone good, or will now go explore. 

I am open to reviewing  Adwords at a ‘high level’….for free!  I’m very interested in seeing other ads, seeing your numbers, and seeing if I can find some immediate ways for you to spend your money more wisely.  Use the contact form on my Thomas Consultation website.  I am not at the point where I feel confident charging for my services for Google Adwords but I would benefit learning through others, and those learnings would be passed on to others!


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