"Helping people who help people"

Doctor, Doctor…

I think of the song, that goes “Doctor doctor, mister MD.  Can you please tell me, what’s ailin’ me?”

I have been to numerous doctors lately for all sorts of issues.  I’m becoming an expert at the frustrated patient who waits a long time for a short visit from an expert who doesn’t really think of me as more than the body part I’m being treated for.  My family doctor is fantastic.  And these other drs are nice.  It’s just sometimes I fantasize about getting all my doctors in one room for an “Elizabeth party.” 

Today’s appointment was for my sinus issues.  What I’m mulling over related to therapy and educators worlds, is how sometimes people you serve don’t even KNOW they’ve got a problem, or what it is.  When I asked my ENT what it means that I never have facial pain/pressure, he said often acute problems involve pain but chronic problems don’t because they are always dealing with some level of pressure so the “difference” between their normal and a more acute issue isn’t as painful.

I think it’s an interesting metaphor.  Whatever we’re used to, we don’t know any different.  One job of a website is to help people see the other side.  But for someone like me, the “other side” still involves the same lack of feeling pain.  The interesting question the ENT asked me was “what is the thing that bothers you the most when you get sinus infections?”  I thought that was a great question and it helps both me as the patient clarify what I really want to change, or avoid in the future, but it also helps the ENT doctor know if there is something simple he can do right away.  It also gives him a sense of how much my problems are bothering me.

Translating that question to your website, you can engage your prospective clients with their fantasy of what life could look like on the other side of therapy, or a workshop, or class.  Developmentally they not believe they have the problem (it’s their spouse, or the evil world screwing them over….) but that’s OK too.  It’s OK to intrigue people by saying “your spouse will be happier around you” or “the world around you will seem less frustrating, people will treat you better.”

One of the reasons I think generic marketing advice doesn’t help is YOU know your clients.  You have an intimate level of access to the people you passionately serve and you can speak to them when they come in the door vs how they transform.  My hope with this blog and my CD trainings is to get you to do that.  I am reminded of the quip I’ve heard that some marriage educators focus on “get sex tonight” as a tangible benefit to them going out to a marriage class because they will make their wives so happy they will feel more romantic.  Hey.  Whatever works!


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