"Helping people who help people"

This afternoon I still wasn’t getting many ads displayed for my husbands therapy website and realized for some reason the price I’d pay per ad was really low.  The reality is why bid any money if it can’t be spent?  The point is to spend to get new clients!  So I upped my “play money” to $5 a day knowing that it’ll either work, or I still don’t have the best words and there won’t even be enough traffic to make $5 worth of clicks.  Besides, $100 in free money makes it VERY easy to experiment without freaking out.

In any event, as soon as I upped the dollars, I am now showing up!  And I’m quite pleased with myself (knowing we haven’t got an email or call yet from some instant-web visit as of the last 6 hours..not surprising.)  The reason I’m pleased is we had our ad show up 4 times with one phrase, and had a click!  This is amazing that our ad drew enough interest to have 1/4 of people click on it.  Even better, another phrase had the ad display two times with one click.  This means 50% “conversion” of seeing the ad to clicking.

These are crazy high numbers.  People strive for 1-2%, and in fact a third click we had was 2.3% for number of views it took for a click to happen.

If this is all foreign speak, I apologize.  Google Adwords is almost “new again” to me now that I have a much greater understanding of what I’m doing.  I think I will always cringe at what I did back in the day.  Now I’m on an “analytical high!” with this stuff.  If I have some success, I will have to add this as a service I offer!  One thing I know I’m good at is spinning common ways of saying things.  I did this in my HR days and I do this in the way I ask questions of everyone – sales people, friends, whomever I meet.  I even did this recently with my dr, “reexplaining” high blood pressure in a very non-medical way and he stopped, thought, and said, “great way of explaining it!” 

The very humble part of me knows that unless I have some success with this, I am not going to charge YOU for my “analytical high!”  🙂


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