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Trying Google Adwords

I’ve done Google Adwords in the past.  Before I knew anything.  Before I realized there are a thousand questions to ask yourself before you start.  And there are tricks, tips, and important considerations in the phrases people use and whether those phrases are likely to turn into real clients.

Fast forward, we’ve had fantastic and FREE success, but I got a $100 Google Adwords coupon from Vistaprint.  I decided to give it to my husbands marriage therapy website.  He has a new office across town, so I’m chosing to hone in on that office area.  It’s fun to write a couple ads (will write a few more probably tomorrow) and track the data.  I also learned an important thing about their maps…. about 200 extra clicks I didn’t need to do *insert groan* before I saw the special area I needed to be in to exclude all but a select area of town.  I’ve read a lot more on Google Adwords so while I’m not an expert, I am much more confident and excited this round.

I will let you know how it goes!  I know $100 isn’t much, but for a $5 activation fee, it’s free money and well worth trying again.  If nothing else, I can pass along more wisdom!  I also made note of something on my husbands website that may be hurting him so we’ll change that to see if that helps his overall conversion of website visitors to clients.

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