"Helping people who help people"

WordPress offers a lot of what they call “themes” you can use to update your blog either because you’re bored, or need different features.  I tend to get bored and want change.  I just rearranged my daughters bedroom and am on a kick to change!  I was in my personal blog, which I’ve recently moved to a password protected area, using WordPress, and just learned how to add different themes.  There are some really cool looking free WordPress templates out there!  It makes it hard to justify spending thousands on a webmaster if you have a small budget and also like change.  WordPress also lets you make your own updates.

If people are interested, perhaps I should offer a tutorial, or have a low cost “set up” so you can get launched with your own website, get training, etc.  Do ask your webmaster if they do WordPress because they may be able to do this for you instead of a “regular” website.


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