"Helping people who help people"

The business of a website??

Talking with someone who runs important therapy stuff (not sure how much I should divulge) it strikes me how a design firm for a new website may not care much about the current business structure, desired future business structure, the current traffic patterns of their web visitors (pre-updates) nor would they stick around to help educate on what they WANT to see change post-design change, or what to notice.

In my fantasy land you’d EITHER say you are stuck with the business side of therapy (or your education-based non-profit), or you’d say you’re STUCK with your website…but in either case, you’d be well taken care of with the huge group required to perfect something.  This would include super crunchy programmer folks, business experts, marketing and advertising experts, search-engine experts, trainers who can help “translate” what you want and need with all those experts.  You’d also be given really high caliber training for all your business employees so everyone “though web-based” when it comes to small things like having your intake form online, or from having class sign ups where when people enroll, the “number of open slots” number drops, to create a sense of urgency but to also ensure you don’t have to manage sign ups to ensure classes don’t overfill.

The good news is I couldn’t do all those roles, so I’m not attempting to be some Perfect Woman in a Box.  The bad news is I haven’t yet met all those amazing people who I could bring together for my fantasy business model to help you all!  I skirt along all those professions in various capacities, with varied levels of energy and enthusiasm.  What holds them all together for me is:



TRULY understanding, having a new mindset to what is possible and/or what you already have that you can better utilize.

I’ve had a blast coaching my father, Bill Doherty, Ph.D., over the years.  It’s great fun to talk with him as he consults with businesses (his latest is Barilla Pasta who is trying to bring back family meals.)  I’m able to help translate a lot of what he believes into how he could do it online, in a non-hokey way that would drive away the very people Barilla is trying to attract.

An article popped into my head today.  “What the Business World Can Teach Therapists and Educators.”  Lots of great ideas that I’ll try to write about soon!  I’m not sure if it’ll sit on my Thomas Consultation website, or on my new (not yet formally announced til this moment) website at ElizabethDohertyThomas.com


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