"Helping people who help people"

One definition of success

When people you don’t know are referring you to other people you don’t know.  That is cool and is starting to happen!  I’ve got great emails from people who have purchased my trainings and I’m bad with administrative stuff, so I haven’t gotten all these testimonials up.  The last one was about relistening over and over to my CD’s.   That was my intent and it makes me very happy!  You would never relisten to something if it was basically “fluff”, trite generic advice that you can’t really use but sounds nice in the moment.  (Reminds me of my dad saying he’s heard Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton speak in person.  Bill Clinton seemed unbelievably amazing in the moment, but later my dad looked at his notes and it was all really generic hyperbole.  Hillary was a better thinker but didn’t come off as “wow.”)  Not saying I don’t come off as “wow”, but trying to say that one thing I’m proud of, but is a trait that makes me a bit of a perfectionist, is that I hate generic advice but I love framing issues, problems, and solutions.


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