"Helping people who help people"

Working on my own website

I am now working on what I dare say must be my 11th or 12th website or blog.  Too much, I agree.  But this one is encompassing everything I do, everything I like, and even a password protected area for all my personal stuff, personal videos, photos, etc.  Thomas Consultation is just ONE thing I do and I have not been happy not having a “real home” online.  Everything requires a decision: am I writing as Marriage Friendly Therapists?  As The First Dance?  As Thomas Consultation?  Or as me PERSONALLY, say on a non-business blog?  It is getting tiring and complicated trying to sort these identities out.  I now have my official identity as my website – which I’ll share when it’s ready.

All the emotions I have right now are familiar to you.  What do I say?  What tone do I want to use in my writing?  How can I find a website design that really speaks to me?  What is this websites purpose?  What are my website goals?  Who will read this and what do I hope they do on here?  How will I market this website?  Will I update this site often or is really going to be a “static” website where once the website is launched, it barely changes?

How do I phrase things to share what I’ve done and what I aspire to do? 

I just wrote a page called, “Speaking”.  I LOVE to teach in person and have done so numerous times.  I’d love nothing more than to do a lot more speaking to groups.  But I also love to write and would love to do more of that as well.  Is it presumptions of me to put those things down when I have only taught 3 in person workshops (with positive feedback) plus numerous telephone based trainings (with positive feedback) or is it really self-defeating NOT to mention them because it could lead to more speaking gigs?  The writing I feel better about because I have a recurring article for the Minnesota MFT association (MAMFT) newsletter and the big guns: the Psychotherapy Networker magazine, which I consider my real formal launch of this website since it’s what I’ll have in my small bio.

We all go through these questions, often alone.  And for whatever our original website goals and purposes are, sometimes life swings us in a totally new direction and everything gets upended.  That’s OK, too!  For my DIY mindset, the goal is to never throw too much money into something too complex, or too rigid, that you feel trapped if something big happened and required a massive upheaval and reworking of your website.

Coming soon: You Tube Videos!  I’m really excited and thoroughly enjoying learning more about that world, and then being able to share my insights with you!


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