"Helping people who help people"

Some people do a great job balancing their expertise (or lack thereof) and how they market themselves.  Some people go one direction too strong – focusing only on credentials, licenses, education at the expense of EMOTIONALLY connnecting with their website reader.  Others, the people who maybe took one too many marketing class, focus exclusively on the EMOTIONAL connection of the website reader but fail to provide any real “meat”.

Herein lies the challenge when advertising yourself on the web.  If you purely relate emotionally, you wash yourself out to being generic “I care” but if you talk too much about yourself, you’re not connecting with the reader.  What about the folks who already believe therapists are, by nature, emotional connectors and want something more than “emotional talk” or your credentials?

They want stuff like, “what does a session look like with you?”  “What sorts of problems do you love to work with most and why?”  They want to feel excited to call you and they want to feel loyal to you. We all want to “hire” the best person.  If they feel connection to you or like you have a shared knowledge of your particular issues, they will want to call.

I have had a few different experiences, in my HR days, where I “flipped” a job listing in such a way that I attracted people SPECIFICALLY because of the way I worded the job.  It really taught me that avoiding standard blah blah blah words really can pay off.

Consider anywhere you advertise and playing with your profile statement.  You could even change it majorly every month for 2-3 months and track any emails/calls you get.  (You can’t track profile hits even if you have access to the data because people click BEFORE reading your profile so it can’t measure the effectiveness of the words themselves.)   Play with words on your website, too!  See if the change impacts how many pages people read, how long they stay, and what they do (buy  more books, call more, email more.)


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