"Helping people who help people"

Frugal with marketing?

I just got an email from someone that triggers SO MANY THINGS FOR ME.  She was asking me about setting up Google Adwords.  My reply was guarded – I can send her to someone who charges $500 or $1,000 for set up, and that doesn’t include the money for the actual ads which would probably run at least $50/month.

For some therapists that is great, for others those fees alone are prohibitively expensive.   

Here’s where the tension lies.  I am a “do it yourselfer” and came to all this because I did not have the MONEY or TRUST in others do to what I wanted to do.  I took the time, took the huge failures and mistakes and errors, and learned all this myself.  My mission is to empower YOU to be excited, educated, and learn so you can be a “do it yourselfer” too.  My bias is towards the inner transformation of what you believe a website is today vs what it could be for you in the future.  The hourly rate on this other person, for one hour, is nearly the cost of my entire CD training set!  This other person may be worth every penny, or may be slotting people inbetween another job and that is the rate necessary to make this person want to work on your website. But I find myself, instead of saying “wow, I should be charging that as well”, I think I will be serving more people at a lower rate and be happier doing so.   I know there is a huge gap between what people know is out there and what I offer, so perhaps I need to be heavier on the marketing and sales pitches for my CD’s so people have some perspective on how amazingly affordable and rare this type of training is.

But I just dislike the typical marketing websites.  Really dislike them.  Like, they make me roll my eyes and get slightly nauseated, and I immediately don’t trust that I will actually learn anything promised.  If you have a one page website, I will not trust you.  I will not likely follow anyone on Twitter with a one page website.  You might as well be a “only $19.95 infomercial” for as much credibility you have, perhaps with my generation, with a one page website that scrolls and scrolls and the font gets bigger and bigger, and you don’t see the prices until the bottom or until you click on a ‘buy now” button.    And this brings me back to the million dollar question:

Would I buy my own CD’s if it were three or four years ago???

I’d like to say yes.  But I just don’t know.  Would my DIY mentality override the great price?  Would I trust myself and expect to actually learn anything?  Would my frugal nature get the best of me?  Or would I realize:

2 months of advertising (and failing) on theknot.com would pay for the entire cd training set.

The money wasted on Google Adwords (because we had no clue what we were doing…) would have been better spent improving our website both for natural Google traffic but also so when people clicked on our website FROM the ad, they actually landed on a website they wanted to engage?

We wasted a lot more money doing a lot of other things that not only didn’t work, but the only “teachable moment” was to not repeat those advertising places again.  We didn’t actually learn HOW to market, WHERE to market, how to get on Google natural results, why or website names were helping or hurting us, how our website organization was helping or hindering us. 

It is an odd thing to be serving people who by their nature either have no clue and may freak out at my rates (not realizing how affordable it is), or who are do it yourselfers who will flounder and do everything I’ve done because they’re too frugal to pay to learn the right way, now.

Feel free to check out my small attempt at being sales pitchy to you.  🙂  I’m sure I shouldn’t have the prices so readily available.  I’m sure I should make you scroll for 4 or 5 pages, giving you tons of reasons why I’m so amazing and how your life will be transformed by the trainings, with great testimonials stuck inbetween the words.  But I am resisting.  I want to be known as the “real person” behind the website who has real things that she puts her 100% money back guarentee behind, but doesn’t have to promise you the sun, moon, and stars for you to believe you’ll learn a lot.  I’m also learning You Tube lately and will put Videos up so you’ll get to “meet me” and hopefully learn by video as well as this blog!

And when I did the CD trainings in a professional sound studio, having spent untold hours designing, developing, working, thinking, making them logical, crisp, engaging, teachable, non-techie, and 100% relate to therapy and marriage educators, I was STILL willing, if the listeners thought I was crap, to scrap the entire thing.  If I was not really good, it wasn’t worth doing any of it.  Maybe I’m too humble but after the first training the shock and awe, and notes they showed me they had taken while listening to me made me realize, “huh, I guess I have something important to share, afterall!”

And in being an accidental entrepreneur with all this, I find my frugal nature in all the ideas I have to market MYSELF!  I figure this keeps me as real as possible because I don’t have a $10,000 budget to buy expensive magazine ads, have huge staff, hire a PR firm, and sugar coat great material with glitz and glam.  I’m just like you, trying my hardest to make the world a little better than I found it.  My way just happens to be really quirky in “helping the people who help people”, via the internet.  It makes for ne’re a dull moment.


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