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Great website for Branding

This website on adoption is the kind of website where I’d be jumping for joy working with them to improve their website content and marketing.  They have one of the most important ingredients: a brand or niche.

I can’t tell you how rare this is in the therapy world and how, if I were in LA and was dealing with adoption, there is no question I’d call them up.  Even if there were 40 other therapists who mention “adoption” in their profiles on websites, which isn’t very likely, this marketing packs a punch emotionally, spiritually, and with passion.  She leaves no doubt about who she loves, what she does, and why you’d benefit working with her.

Part of why “branding” excites me is how useful it has been in my professional and personal life.  I just got an email confirming a therapist doesn’t need my help getting her website up (using our therapy template).  I feel lighter and more free!  Just as you would want to see a passionate therapist, you want to hire a website person who is passionate about what they do.  My soul is LIFTED, the ideas flow, and my energy buzzes when I talk about websites, marketing ideas, figuring out how to help you help your clients.  But my soul slowly dies at the idea of literally putting your words on a website page (website editing, copy and pasting, real “grunt work”.)  I am not an administrative soul.  I feel blessed that I am able to use my strengths and avoid my weaknesses in my professional life.   I don’t find glory in copy and pasting your words, but in helping you figure out what words to SAY.  You are best hiring someone who loves nothing more than tweaking the code of a website.

As I’ve blogged about a while back, my latest surgery was an eye-opening, soul-enriching one.  I don’t think I’ve ever spent 6 weeks of my life, chair-bound, with nothing to do nor any energy to do anything.  I am convinced the darkest moments of our life can be the most enriching, though rarely in the moment.  Professionally the best thing to come of the surgery was to try staying as far away from soul-draining work as possible while at the SAME  TIME using my skills and passion to HELP AS MANY therapists and educators as I can.  Hence, the hours upon hours upon hours I spent developing my CD trainings.  And this blog, which is fantastically fun for me to write.

What is YOUR brand or niche and does your website reflect it well?  And if you have a brand but don’t know what to do, my CD’s are a fantastic place to start.  I’m a hybrid of marketing, educator, techie, search engine optimization, advertising, cheerleader, researcher.  I never had all this help in one place when I made all my mistakes and I still can’t find this stuff in one place, which is the only reason I created them.  I have NO interest in reinventing a wheel.

Now I have to go do my latest personalized website review for someone I have know for a few years and love.  I think the biggest issue for that website is going to be branding and figuring out how to express that via the website.  These website reviews are definitely soul-enriching for me and recipients (therapists and I’ve done a few marriage educator ones) find the information very useful.


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