"Helping people who help people"

Important To-Do!

I would have to say a good 20% or more of therapy website links I “follow” are broken (meaning they go nowhere), the website never loads (so weird), the website page result says “we no longer host websites”, or there are two http in the name so it not only doesn’t load, but I have to close OUT of my entire browser, copy and paste without two http://http:// to get to the site.

Please folks, for all paid and free listings, go today, find your profile the way a regular person would (ie, don’t log in behind the scenes), and see if your website links are working.  If not, get it fixed, or remove them if you no longer have a website.  You shouldn’t be going through the effort of having an “ad” somewhere and not reaping the benefit of your website link not working properly.  I always “test” hyperlinks that I help people set up on Marriage Friendly Therapists, to ensure they’re working.

oh! And the most important thing to remember is to not freak out, beat yourself up, or otherwise feel badly if you’ve been paying hundreds of dollars for a broken link.  It happens to the best of us.  Just get it fixed today and move forward.  It’s not a bad idea every 6 months or a year to go back and review everywhere you are “online” anyway.


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