"Helping people who help people"

I always love myth busting

Growing up with someone like my father, with his hands heavily in research, journals of all kinds, science, therapy, teaching and academic life, I know a lot of weird things.  Some of those things aren’t really discussable because of what I’ll call the “baggage” our culture has around hot topics.  So in that vein, I’m thrilled to see a mainstream website blog discuss the fact that women are 50% of the domestic violence perpetrators, and for one-sided violence, 70% of it is from women.  The data has been there for years, maybe decades, but the political forces have made it silenced.

I recognize I’m not of “the baby boomer generation” with a lot of baggage from the racial and gender cultural wars.  But because I’m not, I’m always most interested in what can only try to describe as “reality-based, non-politically research-based” information.  Women are not angels.  Men are not evil.  On, and on.  Anyway, here is the blog that gets me thrilled that someone opened the crack a little more on such an IMPORTANT topic.  It makes me think about a good family friend, Jim Maddock, a sex therapist, professor,  and pioneer in many ways, who recently passed away.  He and his wife Noel Larson have really fascinating, important perspectives on “hot topic” issues like violence.

And back to my website passion.  This is the kind of article, the kind of topic, the “unique” stuff that I want everyone to write about, both for your passerby readers, for search engines to find you because you aren’t saying the same thing as the other 200,000 therapists and educators, and because you may just open that window for someone to seek help…because they feel heard.  And that, my blog friends, is powerful stuff.


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