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Without going into a full “personalized web review” for people not asking for them, I’m going to continue to share websites that demonstrate the UNIQUE look you can have on your therapy website.  I would have a lot of suggestions for them if they were interested, so I’m not endorsing all the search engine, organization, etc of them.

I like this website for many reasons.  It’s simple but not “blah.”  It’s got color to it, but it’s also managable to read.  I love the use of photos that aren’t beaches, stones, bamboo, sunsets that most therapists use.  Notice on every page they have different photos and that their entire website continues their “Brand”, through photos.  These are unique folks you aren’t going to forget if you find their website!  They’re doing interesting things and their website is well designed.  Professional, calm, engaging, simple.

I also like this website because it’s so visually unique.  It’s masculine, simple, artistic, and also fully  a “brand.”  If you wanted couple help this guy is someone you’d have to decide NOT to go to based on his entire focus.  I’ve noticed websites using Mac’s tend to have a “textured” look, which I really enjoy.


Comments on: "2 Great Website Examples (Visual reviews)" (1)

  1. Patt Jones said:

    Elizabeth, I read your recent article in the Networker.
    I am checking your blog and website and discovered that the first link on this page is “page no longer found” – just thought you’d want to know.
    I wish I had found your services before I hired a local company to develop a website! Thanks for the info here, and keep up the great work.

    aka Patricia A. Jones, LMFT, Eureka, CA
    (I am listed at http://www.ncamhp.org, my own website is pending)

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