"Helping people who help people"

New Video Camera!

At the Smart Marriages Conference where I presented on increasing your website traffic to a fabulous audience of 65 or so therapists and marriage educators, I also had the joy of going to some “social media” workshops.  Normally I’m stuck at the exhibit booth but I managed to sneak away.  One of the things I learned and have been chewing on since the early July conference was buying a video camera.  I had never thought before, until this keynote, about the power of video to get your message out, to teach, educate, share.  It’s $200 or less and really high quality!

I decided last night after a few things happened to finally “push me” to spending money, and today I am the proud new owner of an Flip UltraHD Camcorder, 120 Minutes (Black) … wait, you should buy it from that link!  Darnit, now I have to return my Target one for the SAME PRICE, and upgrade to this Amazon one I just linked to!  Hah.  Mine is 60 minutes, this is 120, and it’s the same price.  OK, so I was a proud owner for a few minutes and will be again when this one is delivered to me.  Now I’m more confused!  I will let you know when I hear back from my trusted audio-visual friend about the best one.

Anyway, my hope is to provide some of my blog content via video to help those who learn better by hearing.  I’m also exploring the search engine world of You Tube to draw people to The First Dance wedding website, with relationship tips and tricks and advice.  Stay tuned on that!  I’m learning right here with you by jumping in feet first.

I’m also adding “Marketing Tools” as a category on this blog and putting this post in there.


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