"Helping people who help people"

I was just thinking today about how many people don’t know me, what I’m up to, what I’ve done or the success I have had in both doing website marketing, but in teaching therapists and educators, inspiring them, empowering them.

But it all comes back to why? There are many answers, but it comes down to two things.

1 – I’m a young person (33 years old) who believes in the power of the web as a transformational force, who has been knocked down hard and greatly uplifted by personal experiences on the web.

2 – I believe in therapists and educators work, and I believe few know how to translate their passion, wisdom, and experience to the online world.

Thus, my CD trainings, my website, my blog. If I can get that ONE person to find you online, and change that persons world because they saw you, then I’ve made a difference. It’s as simple, and complex as that.

My ministers son is dealing with cancer and a very small surival rate. He just posted this great article on young people with cancer, and I want to share it with you to help you understand how my generation is NOTHING like the baby boomers, and how we connect online both to seek help and get support.  My world was shattered twice, first in Googling “post partem high heart rate” and finding a horrendous 50% mortality rate, and second by being diagnosed with said disease…. My world has also been uplifted greatly when I decided to get surgery this spring to fix my horrendous chronic pain. I was on message boards, Googling the fool out of things, and got tremendous emotional, logical, and medical support as I walked the very scary journey through major reconstructive surgery. 

The web. It’s where much of America is hanging out and where I think you ought to be. Here’s the Newsweek article.


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