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Web Design

If you’re like me, you don’t know or have the skills to make a website pretty.  And if you’re like me, you may not be at the place where you want to spend thousands of dollars for the “perfectly designed” website.  I’m stuck trying to find a great, Free, WordPress design.  I stumbled across this one last night and I love red, so we’ll see how long this look lasts before I move on!

The interesting thing about rearranging your website, whether it’s moving links around, renaming articles or pages, simply changing the look,  is you can track whether those changes make any difference in your web traffic and who reads what.  It’s a special trick that poor Magazine editors don’t get, unless their magazine is ONLINE!  Magazine folks rely on surveys to find out what people read, or on letters to the editor.  But any good website should have traffic to help you analyze!

I worked with one therapist who saw no importance to what a website looked like.  My analogy is imagine going to a fancy restaurant and being served with plastic silverware.  Some of you would be shocked and dislike the food because of how you had to eat it.  Some of you would be constantly looking around, wonder if this is is for real or you’re being put on.  And yes, some of you wouldn’t care, though the person your with probably does!

There is NO one answer to how a website should look.  But a web design can enhance or detract from whether people 1) stay on your website, 2) what they read, 3) whether they act, and 4) whether they bookmark and come back to you.


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