"Helping people who help people"

I just listened to a teleconference with this title.  It went VERY quickly went from very unhelpful, very generic “join directories”, into more “once people are at your site….”  There is so much more to know, folks!

My Marketing CD training is invaluable to therapists and educators who have no idea how to even THINK about finding ways to increase their traffic.  I will give you an amazing amount of information that will inspire you to think broadly about your website traffic in terms of where to be listed on other websites, free ideas, paid ideas, creative ideas you probably have no idea that exist.  I am against FLUFF advice and I am against the simple “slap your website on every website out there!”  I’ve also wasted literally THOUSANDS of dollars on marketing my website and want to help you avoid the financial pain.

With techniques used by high-priced professionals, learn how to go about finding those great websites to list yourself on, and learn the powerful way to build those links to enhance your OWN free website traffic. 

I talk directly to therapists and marriage educators so this training will be exactly what you need to know.  I’m putting this CD on sale for $30 (regularly $50) and I guarentee you’ll save more than $30 with this knowledge.  Sale lasts until Sunday!

Website Marketing CD Sale – click here!

And if you love the information as much as I know you will, I’ll ensure you get a great price on the other trainings.  That is my promise to you.  (And yes, all my information applies to all types of professions, but my niche is where I give examples in the trainings.)


Comments on: "How to Get Traffic to Your Website (Sale through Sunday!)" (2)

  1. Just ordered the website marketing CD for my Marriage Prep 101 website!
    Really looking forward to learning more from my Twitter friend and SEO guru,
    Thanks so much!
    Dr Michelle Gannon

  2. Me too! Thanks, Elizabeth!

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