"Helping people who help people"

Too much to learn!

If you’re feeling like there is too much to learn, don’t fret.  There IS TOO MUCH TO LEARN, but we’re all in this boat together.  The only people who know it all are 1) not married, no kids, no social life, or 2) this is their mortgage payment to be in this stuff and market their skills and earn money knowing it all

The rest of us have to cringe, get defensive, handle our anxiety, get frustrated, feel hopeless and helpless, and decide if and how all this “stuff” fits into our professional lives.  By “stuff” I mean websites, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

For those of us who poke a toe into the new waters, we may freak out even MORE, or get excited and make all the “Beginner Mistakes” that, if you learn more, you cringe at.  One thing I cringe at is the ethos of Twitter, which generally speaking if people are following you, you should follow them back.  I had it in my head that I was only interested in a select type of person and promptly ignored HUNDREDS of good folks.  It took hours to go back and follow them later, with total “Twitter shame.”

Anyway, I’m here to say even though I’ve been doing online chat since the mid 1990’s, love websites, have a Facebook account, two Twitter accounts, multiple blogs, all this stuff can and does still freak me out and exhaust me.  I’m learning EVERY DAY, on my own.  I think most of us learn best by “doing” and that is the scary part.

To give you some important perspective, I’ve been at this website marketing stuff for four years and in that time:  had heart damage (rare pregnancy related thing and I’m fine now, thankfully),  nerve damage (pregnancy related, still have it), serious sleep issues with pain, had two babies with 9 months of awful sickness including unable to stare at a computer the first trimester with my second one, been mostly a full time stay at home mom, had major reconstructive surgery with a  very intense 6 week bed rest recovery…………… and yet somehow I’ve learned a lot in spite of that.  All I’m saying is it’s fine to have excuses, but you’d be VERY surprised what you can accomplish in the chaos of your life, as I have in mine.  My desire isn’t to inspire pity, but to INSPIRE YOU that we’re all dealing with tremendous stress, juggling a lot in our personal and professional lives, and can STILL learn.

If you are local in Minnesota, I’m hoping to use my husbands soon-to-be-new office space conference room to offer group trainings on web stuff.  If you’re interested, shoot me an email!  I’m meeting with my husbands small cohort of therapists next month to do one training and NOTHING beats in person stuff.  I’m also hoping to get a camera (either Blackberry or real camera) so I can be more personal on this blog.

Until then, know you are not alone in the confusion and emotional roller coaster from fear to excitement at all this “stuff” we are told we have to know.  I’m being tempted to offer some phone classes beyond my CD trainings.  I like to joke that we went from carrier pigeons to “twitter” messages instantaneously…. while none of us would want to return to the carrier pigeons, we often need some extremely non-techie hand holding on all this fancy schmancy web stuff.  (And we also need to find someone to cling to, someone down to earth, without a huge marketing budget herself, who we can trust.  That is one of my goals, to be that person for you.)

(Funny thing just happened…in spell checking this blog, WordPress, a BLOG PROGRAM, has not added the word “blog” to its spell check.)


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