"Helping people who help people"

Great Website Example

While the overal visual look of this website isn’t “fantastic”, I love so much about this site – http://www.household-budget-nerd.com/index.html

It provides amazingly detailed help for EVERY concievable type of issue he as a budget expert sees people struggle with, he has quizzes, ways to connect via Facebook or Twitter, he has a “What’s Next” on the homepage if you still aren’t sure where you want to go next.

He also admits the power of being married to someone opposite from him.  This means he is not just an expert in budgeting, but he loves and respects someone who is NOT like him.  This makes me trust that he respects me even if I’m not as obsessive as him.

This is the kind of website that gets my brain really buzzing on ways to reorganize the wedding website, which is something I do every 3-6 months but haven’t quite found the perfect organizational structure for the hundreds of current pages, and countless more that are in my head, not yet printed out.


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