"Helping people who help people"

Not a lot of therapy websites are in Flash but I just found one.  The ways you can usually tell something in Flash is it is sort of “created” as you open the website.  It may seem more movie like – the screen flashes or moves in a really slick way.  Lots of companies use Flash and it’s a great way to build a beautiful website.

The problem?  Search engines like Google are robots.  Robots don’t have eyeballs.  They don’t have the highly complex visual ability to “see” images the way the human brain does.

So… guess what?  Flash websites are basically invisible to search engines.


If you don’t want to rely on “standard marketing” including brochures, word of mouth, doing community classes, and you feel you’ve maxed out on your internet marketing via paid links, “search engines” are a free source of clients.  But if your website is invisible, Google and others are never going to show your website in a search result in your EXACT area for your EXACT speciality because it can’t “read” your site.

You can have a non-Flash version of your website, which you should do if you ask your webmaster and confirm yours is in Flash.  Or, if you’re seeking a new web designer, make sure they do NOT do a Flash website for you! 

(Just a note, there are great uses for Flash inside your website, like our video on Marriage Friendly Therapists uses a Flash video welcome so nobodys internet connect makes it hard to see  the video, and nobody has to download any video to see it.)


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