"Helping people who help people"

Therapysites continues to be a viable option, even if it’s heavily used by therapists.  It seems so many therapists struggle on every aspect of a therapy website.  Even though therapysites struggles from being pretty generic (lots of therapists use them) it’s also a great spoon-fed solution for those wanting and needing to get up online right away.

I appreciate the no set up fee, month to month contract, and the fairly use-to-use website editor.

TherapySites is probably the best solution for those who are clueless, crunched for time or creativity, or who just don’t care much and want something up.

TherapySites has limitations so depending on what you want to but some therapists use therapysites for their practice and then use another website for their more innovative psychoeducation website, blog, etc.

TherapySites spends a lot on advertising, so through me you can get a free month ($59 value) and I get a small commission (this is true for everyone they work with including large therapy associations.)  The promo code at checkout is PromoET.  I can recommend TherapySites for many therapists and have come to realize the limitations are well offset by the ease of use.


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