"Helping people who help people"

I have seen various links to my husbands marriage counseling website on his website traffic from his Psychology Today Ad.  I just ignore the details and summarize all the visits.

But just yesterday I realized something important.  The links TELL you something interesting!  It appears there are two links you’ll see, though I wish there were more because it would be even more “telling.”

One link will have “prof detail” at the end of it and is hopefully the higher number.  This is going to be the people who find you through Psychology Today and click through to your website.  My husband has had 35 people this year click to his website from his profile.  (I have ignored his profile til just the other day and have suggestions for him to change it.)

The SECOND link is going to say something about rms/ NAME and it will list your name.  This one is going to be someone doing a NAME search and finding you!  The reason this is so interesting is because those people (8 for my husband to date) are likely people who found you ELSEWHERE and are doing a Google search on your name to learn more.  I know, weird, but not really.  Even someone who finds my husbands website is likely interested in learning more about him on Google.  So 8 people did just that!  This might have been people word of mouth who heard about him, his ad on The First Dance premarital site, or even his own natural Google traffic and people wanting validation on who he is.

I’d love if anyone reading knows how to see their website traffic and has an ad on Psychology Today… love to see your numbers or at least see how they compare.  And anyone on Marriage Friendly Therapists, we get a lot of therapy name searches, and I know of clients who were interested and then “SOLD” on those therapists because of their profile and being listed on that website.


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