"Helping people who help people"

So here we have it.  Mrs. Website Guru has done SOME Of what she preaches.  I’ve noticed some changes by paying attention.  But that is where it ended.  I just found out last night I had somehow wiped out a chunk of my website that is on TONS of pages that gives our book link and other links.

Gah!  I’ve sold two books since yesterday, perhaps by luck, or perhaps because all those web visitors saw the book from my update!

I also added those little icons you may see on some websites, where you can “email, digg, stumbleopn, twitter, facebook.”  Those always intimidated me but I found a website that easily lets you put them on your site.  So I’ve had a few people use those icons in the last few days.  Yesterday, after fixing my mess upI added those icons to my homepage.  It’s either a good sign or a bad sign, but I  went to see the icons on the homepage (good that I tested it out), and the entire homepage was BLANK!  The good news is while frantic, I wasn’t having a panic attack.  The bad news is I’ve done this SO MANY TIMES, my body can’t handle any more shock and I immediately enter denial mode.  “NO, no, my homepage isn’t blank?!  No, this can’t be true.  My eyes must be fooling me.  Or how long has it been blank?  Oh my goodness, people come to my website and it’s totally BLANK?”  I realized I had put those icons on, so I removed them, and the world returned to a calm state.  My homepage returned.

I offer a one hour website review with written recommendations, impressions, ideas, for $120.  I take these very seriously and feel it is an honor to do them for someone.  I created my CD trainings to save you money and save my sanity – you’ll learn way more in my CD’s than you ever could from ANYONE you hire for an hour.  But if after you’re more educated, you could still hire me for the hour .

If you don’t have the money, let me know if you’d be interested in a group teleconference where perhaps we go through a few peoples websites on the phone and you can learn a few things “on the fly!”  Just “comment” on this blog with your information – I won’t make it public!  If I have enough people, let’s do it!  I’ll make it very affordable.

You can also get friends to critique your website.  Obviously they have a different vantagepoint than I do, but theirs is an important perspective!


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