"Helping people who help people"

Try to join twitter.com.  I know, I know, everyone is telling you to do it and you have NO interest.  Or you’re like me who thought for a long time (ahem, til January) that it was a cell phone text message thing.

The reason, if nothing else, is to join other therapists or educators, see what they are saying, and build a little community, even if you just “lurk.”  The nicest part of twitter is you don’t ever have to post and people won’t think anything of it.  They’ll too busy following 100’s of people to notice.  Blogs, however, must be updated or else you’re telling people you don’t care so they shouldn’t either.

If you wanna jump on the Twitter bandwagon, go to www.twitter.com and think carefully about the name you want.  Some people do searches so you may want some great phrase in your name.  A lot of searches are by the things you my post (tweet) about, in which case your name may or may not matter much.

I’m on twitter, mostly as TheFirstDance, and I bridge the therapy, educator and wedding worlds.  It’s a bit nuts, but lots of fun.  Sign up, join me, and then look through my followers to see who else you can join.  I’m following quite a few psychologists and others.  You can follow them too.

There is no permissions, emails, or asking.  Twitter exists all on that one place, and it’s a great way to not feel so alone in the online universe.


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