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Blogging smartly

I feel bad when therapists or marriage educators hear they are supposed to blog but really don’t KNOW WHY for sure.  Yeah, blogging is cool, it’s where the young people are, it’s what search engines like.  For some, it’s actually going away, losing its appeal as everyone and their dog is blogging and on twitter.  (Yes, Martha Stewarts dogs use Twitter.)  With freedom of speech comes a lot of nonsense and bad crap that lessens the quality of the web. 

Let me clarify something real fast about blogs.  A blog IS A WEBSITE.  Every “post” you make is making a NEW WEB PAGE.  As I train people who to do keyword research and “write smart”, a blog is just another way to write smart.  A blog is just more likely to be returned to for updates because it can be perceived as more “living and breathing.” 

But keep in mind your audience.  If you see a client for therapy, they may have no interest in sticking around to read a blog.  In fact they may think it’s odd to have a blog.  Or they may just not want to know that much about you.  Who knows. 

In a well “optimized” website, Google reads all the new content because you know how to write, where to write, and all the little tricks.  Google will generally read all my new articles within a couple days, so while a blog can also be that fast, at least with a website it is all well organized and not one long stream of consciousness.  My site The First Dance  let’s people enter and not feel like they’re missing out when they see the blog dates back 3 years.  The moment of panic that can set in, wondering if you really have to go back to the beginning of the blog to “get” the latest posts…

Anyway, Google and other search engines do like blogs, but you don’t HAVE to blog if you don’t want to.  Remember, a blog is literally just a website.  You can go ahead and build your website well, and then try to get OTHER blogs to link to your website to reep the “search engine power” of blogs.


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