"Helping people who help people"

We’ll see if I get a spot, but I’ve been writing website articles for their newsletter.  I just got a great testimonial from someone who took my website traffic class at Smart Marriages conference a few weeks ago! 

Exciting stuff.  The problem of course is you all are easier to market to because you have professions, conferences, organizations.  For many people you serve, they aren’t so organized!  Parents, engaged couples, trauma folks, infidelity, all those issues.  They are harder to reach, let alone get in front of in big groups.  As I am very busy lately, I’ve got on my list to share some wisdom from a therapist in California who runs a MONTHLY weekend retreat.  It not only gets rave reviews, but it helps them afford great schools for their children and a vacation to renew their marriage each year. So it’s a win-win, help couples and make their own lives a little nicer.  Isn’t that the goal we all have.


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