"Helping people who help people"

When you Google yourself, I want you to review:

All the websites , especially the ones you’ve never heard of (wellness dot com and others) that have you listed.  CONFIRM they have the right information including the latest email, your website, and the most updated phone and office.    A therapist I know has her HOME address listed on some of those sites – EEEEK!  My educated guess is these websites use the state licensing board data and if you have all that paperwork going to your house, those websites pick that up and list it.

See where you might want to add more information.  They often say, “is this you?”  And if you’re already  there, you might as well see what it takes to enhance your profile.  If it’s free.  But just remember those sites are not generally where people seeking mental health are looking.  Those websites only show up because they have your name listed.  The rarely show up for “marriage counseling” terms.

Remember, before you get “too excited”,  just because a ton of websites have your name, that it somehow proves marketing magic.  Unless you are Oprah, Madonna, or Cher, nobody knows you exist to even GOOGLE YOUR NAME  in the first place.  The reason people Google your name is they already FOUND you somewhere, and are wanting to learn more!  This is one of the biggest scams – people selling you their services to “rank high”.  You should be able to rank high for your name with MINIMAL effort.  If you have every website page listing your name, in a “header tag”, you should show up on the first page.  It doesn’t take much work because your competition on your name, unless you’re a celebrity, is pretty small. 

OK, stepping off my soap box.  I’m just in awe how many therapists move around and 1) dont’ have their mail forwarded, 2) I want everyone to know the web is “sticky”, meaning any mention of you from any period of time will stick forever.  So unless you keep up with your own web existance, you will find very old data that may mislead clients thinking you’re in one city but you’ve relocated two years ago.


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