"Helping people who help people"

I don’t want to use this blog to just link to my own stuff, or pat my own back.  But I was looking for something to tweet about and came across this article I wrote.  With some “distance” I can cringe as some things I write, but this one is good!  I wrote it after doing some search engine keyword research and feeling like the advice out there is lacking.


Notice how I address things in logical ways that get everyones attention.  The topic of thank you notes can be broken up by categories, which themselves are  categories (you like the gift, you don’t like it) but the real pressure point for couples is the PERSON they write to, not whether they like something.

If you do searches for wedding thank you notes, you’ll also see how extremely general the information is.  Whether it’s simply etiquette issues on when to get them out, or a trite answer of “show gratitude.”  My is an article that someone may read and feel like they know me a little bit personally and would be more interested in reading more of my website.  I was human, I was real, and I had similar issues they had.

You may already know this, but most of the web is filled with a lot of extremely generic stuff.  It’s almost as if “cultural wisdom” is so bland that people feel wise repeating the same advice as found in every other website, newspaper, or magazine.  If you know a topic well, you may get excited to see “unique ideas” in an article title.  But you read the article and it’s either not unique, not attainable (ideas for wealthy or those with tremendous time to give to a DIY project), or simply less common of the “common ideas” in print.

You have a voice.  You have experiences.  You have a personality.  There is nothing more dry than therapy or educator websites that share nothing about the writer.  Or, that have funny stories, but end with the same darn advice everyone else has.  Think deeper, think more grounded.  I you have to, think of your best friend asking YOU the question, knowing he or she is not going to put up with “therapist talk”, a mile high.  No, your best friend wants the REAL, honest to goodness truth on what to do.  You can do that without feel like you’re being over dogmatic in your advice.  Maybe even giving a few angles to the problem is all they need.  Or giving 3-4 examples of how “real people” deal with the issue.  Just please, please, I beg of you, don’t fill cyberspace with “MORE OF THE SAME.” 

For more content generation ideas and ways to do website content research, two trainings would be useful, the website content and website organization CD’s.  I promise you will learn a lot because if you haven’t already noticed, I hate boring same-as-everyone-else advice.  🙂



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