"Helping people who help people"

I am down to one last pair of jeans. I’ve either worn them out, my husband got paint all over one pair, and somehow, here I am. The jean shopping experience is again in my future. Fortunately I have a few months of summer left.

Jeans are a great analogy to weddings because of all the diversity, viewpoints, and pressures, both social and financial, to chose one type or another.

On the one hand, jean shopping, like weddings, should be very rational. Find your budget, figure out your requirements, match your budget and requirements, and out come the right jeans, or the “wedding you should have.”

But we know it’s never that simple. Sometimes the options you first see are either priced wrong, or don’t “excite you”. You know there must be more! Then often you find something gasp inducing in its glory. Maybe it’s The Jean With All Your Requirements. Or it’s the exact wedding invites you’ve been looking for, down to the type font, exact shade of paper color and size.

At this point either the price tag makes you gasp again and rethink your original requirements, or you mention your discovery to a friend who has an instant opinion. “Ooh, you have GOT to check out this!” Or I found the best deal here (regardless of whether that place has what you’re actually looking for.)

You are often educated on all the options you didn’t know exist and the benefits thereof (sure the jeans are crazy expensive but not only will they look amazing on you but they’ll last so much longer!) Or instead of one flavor of cake, go with three separate tiers with a flavor each (thereby tripling the discussions, confusion and potential cost, though adding the ever-desired ability to make everyone happy.) You hadn’t thought about three flavors before! You didn’t really think about the long lasting wear of a high quality jean.

The next stage is usually over saturation of options, prices, requirement questioning, and sometimes, as is often the case for me, the desire to wax poetic about “the old fashioned days” where you could go to the store and just buy A PAIR OF JEANS. You didn’t have 120 choices of cut, style, waist fit, zipper or button, shade, pocket placement.

When you’re at this stage there is nowhere to turn. Your best bud is not over saturated and is quick to give you her opinion. The sales person just wants to make a sale and has all the ways to talk you out of competing opinions. Your fiance or spouse has never cared that much, or at this point only cares that you SHUT UP already and make a decision. That of courses ticks you off and now you’ve just notched up your stress.

Some of us will then grab the first thing we have time to get, whether it fits our requirements or price. Others of us will just stop altogether and return to the task some time in the future when we’re not so uncertain. And others of us will do what we always do – focus on price (whether that is the frugal price or the highest price because we believe price always reflects quality.) And still others of us will let the sales person convince us and with exhaustion, hand over the credit card because we just don’t care anymore.


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