"Helping people who help people"

This post, because I feel like I should say something even though I’m exhausted, is brought to you by the idea:

If you don’t share your wisdom, someone else will!

One of the best ways for me to get content ideas is to find advice I dislike, or find unhelpful, or that I found downright wrong or offensive.  (And oddly people on my side of the politcal and religious spectrum can tick me off the most!)

The origin of the wedding website, The First Dance, came out of the lack of “family systems thinking” in wedding planning.  Every dilemma anyone faces comes down to the trite “it’s your day, do what you want.”  Unfortunately that’s not helpful.  For starters, if you REALLY believed that, you wouldn’t be asking people for advice, or frankly you wouldn’t even have any stress!  You’d plow over everyone in your life and get to your wedding without any stress… because you just would not care at all what your loved ones thought.

Our second overarching theme is that the engagement is the start of the marriage and that EVERY thing in wedding planning comes back to your values.

With those two notions, I have over 400 pages on my website (granted many are premarital counselors) and feel I have maybe 30% of what I want to say on the website.  Seriously!  Four years ago I had about 15 pages on my website..  Now I have somewhere around 500 or so and have a ton I want to say.

So, what do YOU believe?  And what ticks you off?  What do you find lacking that you feel you could help someone with?


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