"Helping people who help people"

What is the theme of your wedding? And I don’t mean colors or style. I mean, is your wedding planning going well? Are you and your fiance getting along well? Are your parents thrilled for your marriage? Are they stressed about how to pay for the wedding? Are they bickering at every little idea you float about the wedding?

Unfortunately, I’ve seen time and again in both the weddings I’ve been involved with and the weddings I hear talked about that I didn’t attend, the REAL wedding theme may have nothing to do with the wedding. “His parents weren’t able to attend because they insisted on having a destination wedding.” “Her mom went wacko and the bride and her barely spoke the entire twelve month engagement.” “Sure, it was a pretty wedding but you didn’t hear how the parents fought nonstop, causing enormous stress on their daughter the entire time?”

It is easy, I know, to brush off all that wedding stress as “normal”. It’s easy to say that events are going to make people crazy, but at the end of the day what matters is you have a beautiful wedding (and marriage.)

But just remember, the wedding itself is going to be roughly six hours. Your engagement is likely to be about a year. And the REAL theme of your wedding is going to last your entire marriage. The beginning of your marriage does not begin at the alter but at the proposal. All those interactions you have today may haunt you for years to come.

Always stop and consider whether someone’s grand wishes may just be more important for your current sanity and for your long term marriage than your need to have a “my day, my way” wedding.

Learn more at The First Dance. And if you need to, talk with a premarital counselor who will be able to help you navigate the complex family stuff happening in your wedding plans. Or at the VERY least take a powerful online premarital inventory that may help you figure out why you’re so stressed as you build your new marriage and enter a new family (your in-laws.)


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