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Web Tip of the Day

Always make time to research other websites.  Notice what you like and don’t like, pay attention to WHAT they say and HOW they say it.  You can get inspired for your own website and you can learn a lot from others just watching and noticing what they do.  If you ever wanted to start a blog it’s a good idea to follow a bunch for a while first.  Or Twitter for that matter.  I have a “fan page” on Facebook but I’m seriously so embarassed to even go in because I’ve ignored it ever since I set it up.  I’m embarassed to see if nobody is a “fan” and even more if it’s active and I’m MIA!  So don’t do what I did.  Wait until you know enough and will actually use the thing you sign up for.

I am not happy with the over-grown look of my premarital site but there is no way I can justify the thousands of dollars for a redesign.  But the current header (the top of the pages) was code I got from someone elses website.  My old header was nice images that did NOT FIT WHAT I AM ABOUT TODAY and my webmaster moved away years ago and is completely disappeared from contact to redo an image.  (And frankly one image may cost me $40 or more in labor.  Really not worth it.  And because I don’t have all the original files it would actually be a lot more for a NEW webmaster to have made all the original ones plus new ones I wanted.  So probably closer to $300.)


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