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Great Parenting Website

I happened upon this site from the Exhibitor page for the Smart Marriages conference.  WOW!  I wanted to blog about it because it demonstrates some great examples of things I teach in my CD’s!  Honestly it makes me frustrated for my site, The First Dance, which I want to do so much to but have limited time at the moment and the justification for spending design money isn’t there.

Here is the site:


Some of the things done right:

I liked that reading just a little bit I was immediately drawn into “my own world”, a parent.  Each audience gets pulled in quickly through the text AND the header (the top options on each page.)  He doesn’t try to be all things to everyone but seems aware how each type (professional, teacher, parent) has their own needs.

I love, love, love the drop down list of dilemmas in the parent area, http://www.parentmagic.com/parentingsolutions-view.cfm!  Talk about immediately addressing some of my concerns (I have a 4 and 2 year old.)  I then really appreciated the fast yet real answer to that dilemma.  He has a sales pitch but I didn’t feel like I was given fluff.  He even includes potty training as a pressure point and says his program doesn’t work for that.  Wow, impressive that he’s willing to acknowledge his skills aren’t a panacea for everything.

He does the typical newsletter thing, which I know myself and I won’t read, so I’m not going to bother signing up.  If he had a blog, I’d bookmark it (generational differences, anyone?!)  In fact, I’m going to suggest they do a blog when I see them soon!

Within seconds I knew exactly what he was about, what his niche was, and felt pulled in.  Excellence!

Now, that said, there are things we can’t know on “this end” of his website.  If I were doing a personalized website review, I would definitely dig into his website traffic.  I would look at HOW HE GETS CUSTOMERS.  That would inform a whole set of questions and suggestions.  His website  is a good example of using a “phrase”, a brand, “1-2-3 Magic”.  The downside is the word “magic” is not often thought of with “parenting”, so people may not easily remember the domain name or may try 123magic dot com.  We also don’t know if his web content draws search engine surfers and if so, which are his most popular pages?  And what could that traffic tell him about any new products he could develop?

I would also potentially have his books sold throughout the dilemmas for parents, so that I could get the recommendations on THAT problem and which of his products would best serve me.  I went to his store and the items were highest priced to lowest and the highest price made me gasp (well over one hundred dollars…. not exactly the price point for a casual parent reader like me.)  I wasn’t sure which product he’d recommend for someone like me who didn’t know much about him.

And finally, I just opened one of his newsletters (I thought clicking on that would take me to an email submission form, not to all his past newsletters, happy surprise!)  One of the ways I’ve increased traffic on The First Dance is my (ever-evolving) attempt to organize dilemmas and emotions is to try to categorize.  I would try to figure out the best way to categorize all the parenting issues then stick those mini newsletter articles into those categories.  This would improve his Google traffic and give more to the casual web surfer like me, who might not have opened a newsletter but could be pulled in even more by the articles.

I’ll do more of these!


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