"Helping people who help people"

Hello readers – the person who is doing my professional CD website training recordings (he’s a sound guy) is also a reseller of website templates.  I’ve been dubious of those $50/month templates, but I’ve come to peace with the reality that to 1) have a website, 2) make affordable website edits, 3) have ownership over your website to DO the very things I preach (search engine optimization, building great content, etc) then you need to have good access to your website.  And I have one therapist client who still comes to me for web edits and I’m realizing quickly that even one simple tweak can be 15 minutes of my time and a few tweaks quickly becomes $50 in edits.  That client is  the biggest “a ha” moment I’ve had about website edits and these $50 per month website templates that are being offered to therapists.  (My therapist husband and father get these solicitations every month it seems and I growl and yell at their false sales pitches!)

I’m about 80% of the way towards researching HIS solution before I bless it as my recommendation to you.  I do not recommend things lightly and I have a lot of things I care about that you might not, but that I insist be in a template that I recommend.  If I chose to pursue it, he and his business partner are willing to give YOU a really good deal, saving $200.  The template is very intriguing for many reasons including the $50/month includes FREE email marketing.  I pay for Constant Contact but with this website template, it’s free.  It also allows unlimited bandwidth for downloading Podcasts and other things.

So watch VERY soon!  I’m finishing my training recordings tomorrow and will finalize the details and tell you what the service is if it meets my “requirements.”  I will also tell you the pros and cons of it so you go in with eyes wide open! Nothing is perfect and I have nothing to gain or lose by what you chose.  As a “DIY” person I am always balancing hiring out the necessary elements vs doing it myself.


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