"Helping people who help people"

I am doing some more research on website templates and just want to shout at a large therapy website template company for saying how they provide so much content for free and it helps your search engine optimization.  (Actually the other one I saw provides FREE content, period.  You could change the name to yours and publish.  So, so bad.)

Myth busting for you:   search engines want UNIQUE WEBSITE CONTENT. 

They try to find the original content and promptly ignore any duplicates.  The sales pitch is wrong when it claims it will help your SEO.  No, it won’t.  And frankly the web content they provide is simply linking back to THEIR content to help THEIR website.  The appearance is they’re being very helpful to their customers, but ultimately it’s very self serving.  (Hey, it’s a for profit business, they’re not dumbies!)

If you don’t know what to write about, consider my website content CD (coming soon!)  

If you want to reprint information from others (which we encourage on The First Dance), the idea is that you believe in the content, find it useful, and are “blessing” it yourself.  It’s not about letting default web companies selling you on their great content and trying to convince you it will help you in the search engines.


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