"Helping people who help people"

My professional sound friend had me in his studio last night and a colleague listened, took tons of notes, and asked questions (you’ll hear on the CD’s!) I was nervous but they loved them! My sound friend said there was, and this is my highest goal, NO FLUFF. He said every single thing I said was useful and that he will quite sincerely probably listen to the CD’s 4-5 times because there is so much there and once he has mastered a concept or given one thing time he’ll go back and listen again and again.

In some ways it’s hard to sell CD’s when I am the anti-sales and marketing person. I really dislike the websites with HUGE FONT THAT CAPTURES YOUR EMOTIONS, then smaller font, then BIGGER FOND, then smaller font, all the way down, down, down, down you go on one huge, long, long website page. At the bottom you get the 10th “sign up now” and if you’re lucky, the actual price of the darn thing!

I dislike signing up for free tips. I dislike newsletters. (I literally only read one newsletter and that’s mostly to follow what someone who does similar-yet-different things than me does. I ignore all the other newsletters I obviously signed up for in the first place because I like the person/thing.) And I really dislike trainings, as does my friend, that are more about the person than the topic. So while I’m clearly all over my trainings, I do not profess to be higher than thou, do not profess to have never made a mistake (I STILL make tons of mistakes and cringe at things I do.) In fact he told me that when I started mentioning my husbands website in the training, he was thinking “I don’t CARE!” until he heard the reason why I brought up the website. Then all the sudden he got it, and was glad for that example! Phew.

The other thing I dislike about sales is putting a price tag on something. My goal is a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach, so one could argue I am losing a TON of potential money doing personalized consultations for people. And it’s true. But that isn’t where my passion is, nor where my time is best spent. I’m quite certain these CD’s will lead to more… maybe telephone based classes, interactive group things, or something. It’s quite exciting!

Unlike my last trainings which I had recorded by phone and then burned onto CD, these CD’s are going to be stellar. I was in a sound booth, with an expensive microphone, expensive room set up, professional editing. I’m very grateful for my friend who is donating his time to this project and giving me a 50% discount on burning the CD’s. If anyone is local to Minnesota and ever needs to make Podcasts or CD’s, he’s your guy! (His hourly rate is amazing, too.) Let me know.


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