"Helping people who help people"

I was trying to find the website of my friend who is going to do my recordings tomorrow.  I am so humbled by his giving me his TIME for free that I purposefully didn’t dig too deep to find out what his normal project rate is!  He’s giving me SIX HOURS and I’m giving him fresh cookies and ordering pizza. (I am buying the CD duplication from him so he is earning a bit of money.)  Mostly he just thinks I rock and loves that I’m trying to help “the little people” like you!  He is also bringing his business partner (they resell website services, those $50/month ones I sometimes talk negatively about 😉 ) so you’ll hopefully hear them ask good questions.  They want to hire me to help THEIR small mom and pop businesses do SEO, but at the very least they’re happy to learn from me while I do the recordings.  The one thing they know is how many SEO SCAMS are out there and they’re very supportive of non-scammers like me.

But folks, this is why these are exciting (and causing me restless nights with worry, stress and perfectionism.)  With my “DIY” perspective, I’m dumping more wisdom, getting you about as close as I can possibly get you to how I PERSONALLY work on my websites.  And the best part is some of you are going to learn from me BEFORE hiring a webmaster!!!!!  Why is that exciting?  Well, I’m walking you through everything, from what to notice in competitors, idea generation, how to organize your content, and hopefuly empowering you to have a much clearer idea of what you need from a website.   At the same time, you’ll understand how to name your pages, how to make each page “Google friendly”, and you can still use your webmaster who has no clue about SEO.  You’ll just be hand feeding them the material and way you want it organized.

For those going to Smart Marriages soon, I’m teaching a Website Traffic class Thursday morning.  I’m so excited to see, in person, marriage folks!  I’ve taught my material over the phone, and in two community ed settings but those classrooms weren’t marriage folks.  I much prefer in person trainings.  Last night I had a nightmare about a keynote speech. I’m full time mom and trying to get this all done (along with the first draft of my Psychotherapy Networker article!)  I think mostly my stress is forgetting something really important, and/or wanting to cram more in than I can possibly cram into an hour CD.  Four years of hard won knowledge is not easy to dump in 1 hour long CD’s, but by golly I’m trying!  And my friend can edit future  CD’s for me and I can have this blog or my website be the “go here before listening to the CD” so I can add anything I’ve forgotten.


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