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Tip about web designers

Seriously folks, if you’re going to spend the money hiring a webmaster, when looking at their portfolio, every website should be VERY DISTINCTIVE.  If all the websites appear almost identical, they are probably not worth the money because they don’t know how to listen to YOU, to YOUR needs, and to design for YOUR CLIENTS.  I just ran across yet another person who is for hire on web design services and her portfolio were 6 nearly identical websites.

Ah!!  I’m not a designer, have never professed to be one, will never be one, so I’m not saying this to “hire me!”

Another tip – anyone who claims they can design websites and doing search engine optimization is not telling you the truth.  They are two very different, time-consuming skill sets, and there is no reason those types of people would be the same person because they both earn good hourly wages.  A world-reknown search engine guru has actually publically challenged any webmaster, across any country, to prove they can do search engine work.  And he has yet to find one.

They are very different skill sets and if someone is busy selling their search engine work, they don’t have time to design.  IF they’re a designer it means they love that profession and would not be interested in the “non-art” involved in optimization.


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  1. Hi Elizabeth, I look forward to seeing you at your workshop at the conference,. I’ve been facilitating your First Dance class with couples here in West Palm Beach and haven’t sent you an update email in a while. Thank you so much for this blog – I had no idea you had one for non-techies managing their own sites. I identify with the frustration over web designers – thanks for this tips. I’m looking at working with someone to revamp my site this summer.
    Julia S.

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