"Helping people who help people"

I’m looking at my husbands website traffic to prove an important point and why I’m so passionate about search engine work.

He has a listing on Psychology Today which is a 6 month free listing then about $36/month.  He’s had 36 links from the site in about 6 months, and had 2 clients contact him.

Meanwhile, search engines have given him over 330 visitors, for FREE.  I don’t have the numbers on me because he’s termed with some clients, some are in the hopper, and he’s seeing some.  But let’s say 15 clients have come out of that 330 visitors.  Maybe more.

So if you do the math it’s easy to see why search engine optimization PAYS!

I promise you’re going to LOVE my new trainings.  I have an amazing friend who is a professional sound person and is giving me six full hours of his time, plus his high tech equipment and will edit these for me an package them up.  I am also redoing my last SEO trainings and incorporating my knowledge in more logical ways.  This entire “website marketing” topic exists me so much because I only work with people trying to help people.  The way I see it, if I can get each of you a lot of new web visitors, even if they don’t sign up with you, with my information you will have a better website and your content alone may help some people who never call you.  Call it a pyramid scheme of do-gooderness!  I’m hoping to help thousands of people by helping YOU do the work to find them.


Comments on: "Fun “data” on Google vs. Paid Links" (1)

  1. Perhaps more importantly, as your dad (Bill Doherty) has pointed out in the Psychotherapy Networker, I think that therapists bear an important social responsibility to organize, mobilize, and communicate effectively with the public about what they’re seeing in the therapy room. Just because we have confidential therapy sessions doesn’t mean we need to be silent about what we know from the experience. We have a sacred trust to uphold, but we also have a great opportunity to speak up for those who’s voices are hushed and silenced.

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