"Helping people who help people"

Here’s a good tip, sort of related to my last website tip.

If you’re like most therapists you have SO many various “groups” you help.  When advertising on a website, consider who goes to it.  Whether you’re on a website that specializes in a group, or any other website, why not direct people on your profile to a SPECIFIC PAGE.  So instead of sending people to your homepage, you should consider sending people to the couples page of your website, if you’re on the Registry of Marriage Friendly Therapists.

If that ‘couples’ page, in this example, has the same text as your profile on the website, then another option is to direct people to another part of your website.  Maybe you have an awesome article that people love.  You could say on your profile, “visit my website and read an informative piece on Y.”  Afterall, your profile already has your contact info, so why not “wow” them with a link directly to some page that may do the “final sell.”  This is where knowing your web traffic helps, to know what people seem to like the most.  You could also design a fabulous FAQ page for the audience you’re advertising to. For couples these FAQ should include things like: What if my spouse doesn’t want to come?  Do you have evening hours?  How often do you see people, is it weekly or less often?  Do you accept insurance for couples counseling?

Make sense?  Feel free to comment!


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