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I’m just starting the idea of a 5K budget. What would you REALLY do? I am creating a challenge for myself and am looking for input from anyone.

The rules for “my” 5K wedding are to follow the core of what I valued in my actual marriage 5 years ago. These rules include:

1 – we would still invite who we invited. 125 showed up, I’d have to order 100 invitations (we had tons of social invites of people who would never travel.) I had and still have no interest in a tiny wedding. I’d rather go without some things than not invite people.

2 – we still would not have an outdoor affair. my husband has a long line of overly-warm people so the idea of being in a tux and sweating doesn’t appeal to him. I hate bugs and sweating as well. We had a fall wedding and would still have a fall wedding. (too many southerners for our northern winters.)

I have some ideas but this is the month where I’m full time with our small children and don’t have as much time – the end of June I’ll be more free.

This blog is for people to comment. What would _YOU_ do, have done, with each category of weddings? Photography? Cake? Dress? Favors? Reception location? Obviously 5K requires a lot of creativity which likely means you’d have some very local ideas. But we’ll start where we start and I’ll build my own new wedding within $5,000. It was $12,000 before!

Comment on this blog and I’ll be building via this blog as well as on the website.


Comments on: "Wedding Planning on a 5K budget" (1)

  1. Katherine from Kate Peters Photography said:

    For a 5K wedding, you could save on centerpieces and cake, by providing basic cakes on every table as the centerpieces. Double duty, and honestly, it can be really simple with cut flower on top or something. Going easy on the flowers always helps too. Single blooms are always very classy, and make a statement. Another idea is to enlist friends to assist, and in return, ask them to not buy you a gift, but provide their time to help you with putting invites together, and making the site look great. Honestly, I think a wedding where everyone pitches in and makes an event of the pre-and post- event clean up is more memorable in the long run! And I hate to say this, but scrap the photographer if you’re on a tight budget, or hire the photographer for just a couple of hours. Arrange your schedule to cut the cake while your photographer is still there. Or have a Bridal portrait session- no one will know, and honestly, you only look at the great bridal portraits 20 years down the road anyway!

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